Told you so

Okay, not to toot my own horn too much, but I think Heather Morton’s post today is not only incredibly helpful to photographers, it also goes to show that I’m not just making up the stuff I’m telling you folks. 

To summarize, when doing your marketing to art buyers, keep the following in mind: send regularly; keep it simple; it’s all about the images; don’t be a jerk; most promos end up in the bin but you have to send ’em; don’t ever expect to hear anything back; most emails get deleted but you have to send ’em; have I mentioned, it’s all about the images; consistency is important; so is patience; don’t stalk; don’t whine; meetings are rare but important; calls work if done right; offer instead of ask; and, oh yeah, it’s all about the images.

3 Replies to “Told you so”

  1. It’s very encouraging to know what what I’m doing for my marketing is right. At first it felt strange and out of place based on what I used to do but I quickly got a good response and now my marketing plan is worked in my daily activities.

    I’m not expecting to get a job off of mailers and emailers but rather think of them as key to getting face to face to show my book. Book showings has started to become a regular weekly activity which I enjoy and the feed back when meeting face to face with a dozen or so creatives at larger agencies is priceless.

    The creatives get to meet me and know a bit about how I work and I them. I know that everything I do marketing wise is going to pay off in the future, its simply a matter of time.

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