Burns Auto Parts is the oddly-named brainchild of Leslie Burns. Since the 20th century, Leslie has been an internationally known creative marketing consultant who specializes in working with commercial photographers. If you want the long version of her history, it’s available here. She very rarely does any marketing consulting work now, but if you want to ask about her availability, send her an email.

The reason she doesn’t do much marketing consulting now is that Leslie is also an attorney, licensed in the state of California, who works primarily with artists on issues of copyright, contracts, and related small business matters. For legal matters, you can learn more at burnstheattorney.com or, better yet, photoattorney.com, as Leslie is a part of the Law Firm of Carolyn E. Wright, LLC. By the way, Carolyn has some great articles published on photoattorney.com you should probably read, too.

Leslie is also available to speak on business, marketing, and legal issues facing the creative community, especially commercial photographers. You can email her about that. She gives an entertaining talk with lots of humor, answers a bazillion questions, and does it all in as plain an English as possible.

You can read some of her past writings, known as Manuals, here. You can also subscribe to get Leslie’s new Manuals there. If you’d like to get one of her books, go to lulu.com for that.

For Leslie’s general photo and creative industries thoughts and ramblings, please check out the Super Premium blog. Also, and for the time being (until the TOS get unbearable, that is), Leslie often posts short blurbs and links to current articles of interest to creatives on the BAP Facebook page as well. Those last two links are your best bets for current and accurate information, so make sure to check them out.