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The articles from days past below are all in pdf format for your downloading pleasure. Please remember, ask for permission to share them (almost always granted, of course).

Lean Forward leanforward.pdf

When you do your marketing and the phone rings, you’re faced with the possibility of success. Leslie suggests leaning forward.

You Are Not a Victim victim.pdf

Leslie points out that you aren’t as bad off as you think and you have more control than you realize.

Just Give Up GiveUp.pdf

Leslie suggests that by giving up (sort of) you can gain a lot for your creativity and your business.

Taking Care of Ourselves  TakeCare.pdf

We have a responsibility to protect the value of our work. Here’s why and how.

Image  image.pdf

The “missing chapter” from Leslie’s marketing book: You Don’t Suck.

Money  Money.pdf

In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is looking very stormy. Now is definitely the time to batten down some fiscal hatches. Leslie offers some ideas to help weather this oncoming storm.

E-Promos  e-promos.pdf

Good? Bad? Loved? Hated? Just what’s the scoop on e-promos anyway? Leslie offers some suggestions for making this tool work better for your business.

Creativity and Self-Loathing  CandSL.pdf

Bending is good; bending over isn’t. Here are some hints on how to recognize when you are being self-sacrificing and how to stop this harmful behavior.

Do What You Love  DoLove.pdf

Doing what you love creatively is not only good for your mental health, it’s vital for your business.

Throw out the Crap  Crap2.pdf

Choosing to get rid of things in your way can free up productivity, encourage creativity, and do good things for your business.

Creativity and Mood  CreativityandMood.pdf

We’ve all heard about the tortured artist. You don’t have to be one.

The Client is Not Your Enemy  WorkingWITH.pdf

A project isn’t a gift from the client gods, it’s an opportunity for professional collaboration. You’re not a beggar, you’re a pro.

Bring Out Your Dead dead.pdf

Sure it’s scary to get rid of paying clients, but when they’re actually impeding your success, it’s what you need to do.

Your CODB and You CODB.pdf
Knowing you cost of doing business is vital to running a successful one. Leslie takes you through the steps and explains its importance.

Fairness & Trust fairness.pdf

It may not always feel fair, but doing the right thing is always the right thing. It builds trust and that builds business.

The Grammar Police grammar.pdf

Just because you’re a creative doesn’t mean you can get away with writing poorly. Every contact is a chance to look great to your targets, or not.

Crap in Your Way crap.pdf

Creatives have a lot of hurdles in their work lives. They also have more control than they usually realize. Learn a couple of techniques for re-finding that control.

Fear fear.pdf

It takes chutzpah to follow your heart, but you'll never be successful if you don't.