Vehicle History

(all about Leslie & BAP)


Leslie has been professionally involved in the creative industries since 1992, and she grew up in a house of creatives. Instead of family portraits and home movies, she and her brothers would film their own episodes of Lost in Space and Land of the Giants or take snaps like this:

(She’s the “giant” child)

In the course of her career she has been a studio and marketing manager for photographers (including producing shoots), a business manager and producer for an interactive design firm, and an organizational dominatrix for an advertising agency (imagine combining an AB with a traffic manager and add a dash of AE). After repeated suggestions from photographer friends that she become a rep, she launched Burns Auto Parts in September of 1999. She named her company after her grandfather’s old business (he really did sell auto parts) partly because she appreciated the irony in it, and partly because “Leslie Burns Reps” sounded too much like a bad tabloid headline.

With an unusual and extensive academic background, family connections in the creative industries (both brothers are designers), and a passion for the creative fields, it seemed inevitable that she would combine these talents into a successful career. Her additional formal training in research and criticism have provided her with superior tools for her trade.

In 2004, she gave up the repping side of her business to focus on consulting with photographers, and in early 2005 she expanded her markets to include other creative professionals like illustrators and designers.

Leslie graduated from the California Western School of Law in December 2010 where, on a full academic scholarship, she studied business and intellectual property law in particular. She passed the notoriously difficult California Bar on her first try and was admitted to practice in June, 2011.

In addition to her other duties, Leslie has written a gazillion articles on creative business issues, designed and taught a course on the business of commercial photography at the Columbus College of Art and Design, authored chapters in both the 2003 and 2006 Photographer’s Market, and published photo biz books. She also is very active in many creative/creative-business groups and forums, both online and in the real world, including AIGA, APAnet, APA, and multiple copyright-issues-based groups.