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Great event

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Last night I was honored to be Selina Maitreya’s special guest at her presentation to the San Diego APA and ASMP chapters. It was a fantastic evening.

First off, I want to commend the two groups for working together to bring Selina in. In too many locations APA and ASMP chapters hardly talk to each other, much less put on combined programs. This is, I think, a sad example to set–not working together, that is. I am extremely proud of our local folks for stepping outside their insulated comfort zones and reaching out for the betterment of all. Way to go guys!

Selina’s presentation offered important information for photographers, albeit in a format that made them scratch their heads a bit at first. This isn’t a “how to” presentation like we’ve seen in the past, but rather a call to action and thought. Its impact, however, is important, I think. It also happens to mesh well with many of my ideas and observations on how the industry was, is, how best to navigate it for future success. I encourage all of you to see Selina if she comes your way, and to buy her new book.

For those of you in Los Angeles, she will be presenting there next month on October 11 (Thurs), and offering private consultations while in LA (these are already booking up so contact her now if you are interested!). Though only sponsored by APA, all you ASMPers (and the unaffiliated) should come as well. I will again be her special guest for the Q and A session at the end. Bring all your questions–this is your chance to pick 2 consultants’ brains for the price of admission!