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iPhoned by proxy

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and I gave him an iPhone. I don’t have one yet myself, but getting him one made a lot of sense. He is, after all, my guinea pig for ADD-friendly organizational techniques and tools (I wonder if that means I can write it off…).

Christopher recently started working as an independent professional and switched to a Mac; it was this second change that made getting him an iPhone a really good idea. We have a friend who is still using a PC and integrating/syncing the iPhone is not perfectly seamless with one of those machines. But with a Mac, it’s amazingly simple and, if you have ADD, you want to avoid distracting things like weird software hiccups.

More importantly, the essentially perfect integration between the two main tools in a modern businessperson’s life makes keeping on track and organized much easier. ADDers need to implement structures to be more successful but often they have an almost “natural” distaste for organization. Using one tool that works across platforms makes being organized less of a pain.

The elimination of distracting “hiccups” combined with simplicity of use makes an iPhone a great tool for ADDers. Fewer excuses arise to dump your organizational attempts and it feels less like building structures than using some other tools. Does this mean you must go buy one? No–if your system is working, there is no reason to fix it. But if you are still all over the place organizationally-speaking, perhaps this could be a good tool for you.

Over time I’ll see how using this new tool helps Christopher achieve his goals and let you all know what I learn.