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No time to read

Monday, June 9th, 2008

I’ve found, pretty consistently (though, as always, there are exceptions) that the more one reads (be that the classical visual method or the newer audio version), the better her/his creative is. However, many creatives have reading disabilities like dyslexia and so they miss out on a lot of the material out there they would actually like to read. Now offers an RSS feed reading service. You call Jott, name your feed, and it reads it aloud to you. This way you can keep up with all sorts of blogs and news services you may have been skipping.


Monday, June 9th, 2008

Caitlin has an interesting post (from Last Thursday…my bad for not mentioning it earlier) about shooting film today–is it even possible? The short answer is “yes.”

Questions like this have always been around. Today it’s film or digital? but before digital it was what format? Back in the day (as they say), we’d have those clients who would call up and tell us what format…and usually we’d (gently) tell them that the photographer was really the best person to decide what format was really best for the project–after all, that was a part of his expertise. We’d do this because, 8 times out of 10, they’d be wrong about it.

But, and here’s a little trick for you, when the client says “do it in this format”–or digital or whatever–and when they are (luckily or not) right about it, then just do it “their way.” Give them that illusion of power, if it makes them happy. No reason to stand on an apple crate and announce that you, the artiste, will say what is and is not right…just do it. It’s a simple way to make a client happy. Show your professionalism and unique abilities in other ways, like by solving some difficult lighting issue or delivering the files early.