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Don’t You Be a Prick About It

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

That headline is not to shock, it is to make a point.

True story: a man I know who works at a very well known ad agency got a LinkedIn “Let’s connect” email from a photographer. The man doesn’t know the photographer from Adam and, like what I hear from most buyers and other creatives who may influence photo buying, finds such approaches on LinkedIn particularly icky. I’ve mentioned this before to you fine readers, and I mean it. It’s bad form and pisses people off.

Feeling more than a little frustrated with this sort of thing and rather than respond directly to the photographer, my friend tweets the following–tweets it, mind you, and never mentions anyone in particular:
Dear Photographers: If I don’t know you, I’m not going to connect with you on linkedin. Think it through next time.

Next thing he knows, he gets an email again from the original photographer. It reads:
You don’t have to be an [sic] prick about it. Think it through next time.

This photographer has just slit his professional throat.

I don’t care how bad your day is going, I don’t care if someone actually acts like a total asshat (and, btw, I don’t think my friend did anything out of line), you never, ever call someone who is/was a target a prick. Or anything else, for that matter. Why? Because like all people, people in advertising talk and your reputation is vital. Your work can be the hand of god photography, but if you are a jerk, you will not get the gig.