Stop Sharing Like Farm Content

Here is a long but important piece about Like Farms on Facebook, by Mark E. Tisdale. Like Farms are another reason to keep your work off Facebook, of course, but it’s also worth sharing this info with your non-creative professional friends on Facebook, to ask them to stop sharing content like that.

Yes, many people will ignore such a plea, but some won’t. Remember, every cultural shift starts with just one person.


Want another compelling reason to get paid for your work? How about avoiding being labeled a hobbyist by the state and thus not being able to take business deductions? Yup, that is really happening in Minnesota and it can happen to you, too.

If the IRS thinks you aren’t really a professional, if you don’t actually make money, you can end up on the dark side of a nasty audit. If your business is deemed to be a hobby and not a business, you will lose all the business deductions you made against any revenue generated and, boom, tax bill from hell.

So, every time someone asks you to use your work for free (or infringes!), ask yourself “Am I a hobbyist or a professional?”


Make it Expensive

This is a long read, and probably a bit complex for some of us without the technical background, but it is totally worth it. Designer Matthew Butterick’s talk on web design and the necessity to critique technology, called The Bomb in the Garden.

Tax Day Present *UPDATED*

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Tax Day is a great time to remind yourself that you are in business and that you are successful at it. If you have to pay any tax for 2012, that means you actually made money. No matter how little, the fact that you made a profit means you are a successful businessperson! Congratulations!

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