This is what happens

It has been far too long since I’ve posted. This is what happens far too often when one stops being religious about scheduling the things one should be doing and instead does all the stuff one feels one must be doing….now now now.

Now now now is rarely good. Even for creatives. There is a difference between being in the moment–being mindful and aware–and now now now. The latter is reacting, often on the verge of panic, to the outside. You can’t make your best work when you are reacting to the outside. Good creative has to come from the inside. You have to make the mental space available to do that.

You also need to do some things that aren’t as creative, in order to keep the business humming. When you get work and get in that now now now mindset, I’ll bet the first thing that gets pushed off your agenda is your marketing. You’re suddenly too busy to send emails or research new clients. Must plan the shoot! Can’t take time to work on your portfolio.

You’ll regret that when the brief work flurry is over.

Make sure that, even when you get swamped with work, you make the time to at least touch in with your marketing (and other biz stuff like invoicing, bill paying, etc.). That way not only will your work be more regular, you won’t be faced with the overwhelming mountain of crap you don’t enjoy doing when you get back to it.