I had my annual with my gynecologist today. No, I’m not going to get into any of the stirrupy details but I have a few things to share.

First, she hugged me when she first walked in. Now, I’ve been seeing her for almost 15 years* but still, having your doc give you a hug is a good thing. More should do that. Dentists too.

Second, she is the kind of barking Christian that keeps me from hating Christians. I mean, she is so Christian that she didn’t have sex with her now-husband until marriage (yes, she shared that) but at the same time she calls Republicans hypocrites (usually with an f-bomb in there) and yells at people in her church who don’t get the hpv vaccine for their kids, calling them idiots for thinking it will make the kids more sexually active. You know… science and all that.

Third, her receptionist/assistant is sleeve tatted and, like the doc, funny and someone who will not tollerate bs. They have been together forever and when someone keeps an employee for that long, you know she’s doing something very right.

Her whole office is kind of a clean dump. I mean, she doesn’t care about the show: her waiting room looks like one step up from TJ, but all the tools are clean as are her employees and the walls are covered with pics of her with the babies she’s delivered (a ton). She’s about the care, works solo, and is kind of like me in my practice in that. She never rushes through an exam and always asks about exercise and lifestyle stuff that most docs wouldn’t, so a visit takes longer. I suspect she has a very low patient turnover.

Still, going to the doc is kind of stressful. So, I was really surprised when my bp was only 102/72 because of that, plus the asshat who cut me off on the way there, even though it usually is nice and low. I was also down close to 10 pounds from (fatty) last year, so that was good.

Now I have to get off my ass and see my GP for a checkup. I can’t keep saying I’m young enough to skip it. 😉


*Yikes! It’s been that long!

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