Burns Auto Parts is the oddly-named brainchild of Leslie Burns. Since the 20th century, Leslie has been an internationally known creative marketing consultant who specializes in working with commercial photographers. She very rarely does any marketing consulting work now, but if you want to ask about her availability, send her an email.

The reason she doesn’t do much marketing consulting now is that Leslie is also an attorney, licensed in the state of California, who works primarily with artists on issues of copyright, contracts, and related small business matters. For legal matters, you can learn more at burnstheattorney.com.

Leslie is also available to speak on business, marketing, and legal issues facing the creative community, especially commercial photographers. You can email her about that. She gives entertaining talks with lots of humor, answers a bazillion questions, and does it all in plain English. And in fabulous shoes.

If you’d like to get one of her books, go to lulu.com for that.

You can follow her on Twitter at @burnsthelawyer, too.