New Collaboration

I’m so excited! Most of you know, or should know, of Carolyn E. Wright, aka Carolyn has been an IP attorney and a supporter of photographers’ rights for years. Her firm represents creative professionals, particularly photographers, and she has a great attitude about how to help her clients. Well, Carolyn and I have entered into a working relationship, and I think it’s a great collaboration!

As most of you are aware, I graduated law school in December and took the California Bar at the end of last month. However, I won’t get the results for months and, until I pass and get sworn in, I’m not a lawyer. I can’t take on legal clients or offer legal advice. I’m just a well-educated lay person. However, I can do some legally-related work, under the proper supervision of a licensed attorney. So, in this new relationship, I will be helping Carolyn out with some of the tasks related to her representation of her clients. It’s a great match, I think.

This does not mean I won’t be doing my usual consulting work–I will definitely be continuing that, don’t worry. Instead, in a part-time capacity, I will be working with Carolyn. I look forward to helping her (and her colleagues) help her clients and to learning more about effective representation from her.

6 Responses to “New Collaboration”

  1. Forrest MacCormack Says:

    Yah!! You are well on your way. Congratulations Leslie.

  2. John Fowler Says:

    Sounds like fun, Leslie – but more importantly, a good step to a valuable powerhouse for our colleagues in these trying times. Very best of luck!

  3. MarcW Says:

    I see only good things for the photographic community coming from this partnership. Congratulations.

  4. Martha Retallick Says:

    Sounds like a marriage* made in heaven!

    *of the professional sort.

  5. Kathryn Wagner Says:

    Congratulations Leslie! The creative professional industry needs legally informed individuals like you and Carolyn – this definitely sounds like a dynamic duo and a great match. Best of luck to you both in your collaboration.

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