It’s been forever

I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I’m a bad blogger. Although I have been posting fairly regularly on the BAP Facebook page, I’ve been awful about this blog. My last term was a load of work, including writing a paper on the silliness that is the publication status requirement for copyright registration, and something had to go… that thing was this blog.

Sadly, I’m afraid this will not get better soon. I’ll cop to it–I’m not going to be able to keep up with this very much. If you want more current info, go to the Facebook page.

However, even there I won’t be as active as I have been. I’m studying to take the California Bar exam and until that happens, I’ll be crazy-busy. No work, no life, just study.

Yes, I graduated from law school… Monday, actually. The Bar exam prep course (BarBri) started Tuesday morning–no rest for the wicked, as they say. Christmas will be short and will involve hitting the books at some point. Same for New Year’s. Ugh.

But it will be worth it.

I often hear creatives complain about having to do stuff they don’t enjoy. I’ve heard them say things like that they hate doing their bookkeeping or making cold calls. Well, that is just the price to do the stuff you love. Studying for the Bar is, in many ways, hell. But I do it with a joyful heart because I know that if I do it well it will bring me closer to doing what I love.

2011 is penciling out to be an amazing year for me. After I take the Bar in late February, I’ll be relocating to Los Angeles. I’m starting a new life there, relaunching my business in some ways, and, hopefully I’ll hear in late May that I passed the bar and will add the Law to my service offerings. I’m excited.

But to get there, to get to where I want to be, I’ll have to study hard, pack and move (ick!), and get back to work in a very big way asap post-Bar.

Until then, I’ll try to post occasionally here.