Here is some interesting research into how “faking it” actually works… in some ways. Fundamentally, it seems that how we use our bodies affects us more than we might think–as in literally affects how our bodies function (hormones like cortisol and testosterone) and that affects how we think.

It also affects how others perceive us. You might not feel powerful, but striking an “expansive” pose can subtly signal others that you are, and that means you’ll get greater attention.

The combination can be a powerful tool to getting what you want in business.

Pay attention to the other side of that, though, as the article mentions. It’s not about being a bully. It’s not about being a dictator. It’s about using your body to attract a certain level and kind of attention that encourages others to follow you, to buy into your story.

Of course, that means you have to have a good story as well. By story, I mean either your marketing message or your plan for a particular project… whatever you are trying to, for lack of a better term, sell in that context.

The best stories, by the way, are true ones. You had better believe in your story first or no amount of posing will make others buy into it.

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