Quick question

I’m doing a completely informal survey. It’s got only one question:

Name three current US photographers or other professional people related to photography whom you respect, not just creatively (although that should be a factor, sure), but also for something about how they run their business. Doesn’t have to be commercial photographers–can be a fine art photographer, a consultant, a curator, a wedding photographer… any of the above. I’m looking for people whose brains you’d love to pick for whatever reason. For example, maybe you’re not thrilled with Chase Jarvis’ images but you respect how he’s marketing his business (and I’m not picking on Chase–I just needed someone to use as an example). Or maybe you like the advice Luke Copping gives on his blog. Or maybe Heather Elder has your attention.

You can share the list as a comment to this post if you don’t mind it being public, or if you’d like to keep it private between you and me, email me.

This is for a potential advocacy project, so I’d really appreciate any input. Thanks!


10 Responses to “Quick question”

  1. Ryan McGehee Says:

    Don Giannati
    Brooke Shaden
    Joel Grimes

  2. Dennis Dunbar Says:

    Bob Stevens
    Tim Tadder
    Michael Murphree

  3. Paul S. Bartholomew Says:

    Anna Williams, Ben Dearnley and Jody Horton. All three I respect highly but Anna Williams is interesting because of the team effort her projects require. It’s interesting the kind of network she must have to put together such incredible productions.

  4. Vern Horst Says:

    Zack Arias
    Scott Kelby
    Jeremy Cowart

  5. Michael Giordano Says:

    Chase Jarvis
    Brooke Shayden
    Michael Grecco

  6. Hoo Gan Tan Says:

    I can only mention one name: Leslie Burns. Seriously! I respect how you share your thoughts via your weblogs (and social media). Love it!

  7. Tony Gale Says:

    David Zimmerman
    Nadav Kander
    Peggy Sirota

  8. Jason Says:

    Chase Jarvis for his innovation, creativity and work ethic
    David Hobby for his tireless efforts teaching others
    Zack Arias for proving that nice guys don’t have to finish last

  9. Rick Lohre Says:

    Not sure if you got my email a while back…but surfing back on your posts…so here’s mine again.
    David Bean – VisualReserve.com
    After hearing him on a podcast (Lightsource) with Ed Hidden over 8-9 years ago I contacted him about coming to my studio to present his Light & Commerce seminar.
    He stayed with our family during the seminar and we have kept in touch on a regular basis ever since. He’s a smart guy, good head on his shoulders, grounded and super talented. Still going strong after many years and changes in the landscape of photography.

    Ed Hidden
    He and Crawford ran a show called Lightsource and interviewed a crap ton of photogs over their time “on air”. Ed is still shooting and somewhat “around”, his podcast and people I heard on it is what made me decide to leave the corporate world of P&G and embark on my own photo career. We also keep in touch occasionally.

    Hope those are a couple good leads…let me know if you need contacts.

  10. Dayna Says:

    Sorry to be late to this party:

    Ami Vitale
    Ed Kashi
    Ruddy Roye