Google’s Chrome not so shiny

Thanks to fellow adlander Brent Hahn, here is something you absolutely MUST read if you are even vaguely interested in Google’s new Chrome browser. Basically, the terms are such that you give away the rights to your content….for many of you, that would be your images. Quote:

In other words, by posting anything (via Chrome) to your blog(s), any forum, video site, myspace, itunes, or any other site that might happen to be supporting you, Google can use your work without paying you a dime. This doesn’t just apply to blogger, youtube, gmail etc, and if you think it does, re-read section 1.1 and 11. It applies to everything you pass through Chrome.




Apparently the outcry from the blogosphere worked–Google has updated and (I hear, I haven’t read them yet) corrected the rights. Check in the comments for more info, and the info in the link above has been updated too.

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  1. Official response now from the Google folks (via Google employee Matt Cutts’s blog, among others):

    “In order to keep things simple for our users, we try to use the same set of legal terms (our Universal Terms of Service) for many of our products. Sometimes, as in the case of Google Chrome, this means that the legal terms for a specific product may include terms that don’t apply well to the use of that product. We are working quickly to remove language from Section 11 of the current Google Chrome terms of service. This change will apply retroactively to all users who have downloaded Google Chrome.”

    The above was attributed to Rebecca Ward, Senior Product Counsel for Google Chrome.

    Not to say that people might not want to wait until after the license agreement is revised to try Chrome, of course.

  2. does this mean they own everything put into blogger already or just stuff put on blogger through chrome? I have a couple pretty active blogs I’d hate to loose all that content to them, or see it miss used.

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