Money, cash, finance

Lots of people are completely wigged out these days and most of that wigginess is money-related. Most creatives deal with money issues in one of two ways: 1) tighten spending so much that Lincoln screams; or, 2) ignore because maybe that way it’ll go away. Neither is going to work.

The most recent Creative Lube talks about money, more specifically, financing your business. Then today Livebooks posted a piece by Doug Menuez all about dealing with your cashflow and some basic business planning and ops.

Burying your head isn’t going to do any good and being miserly will hurt your business in the long run. You need to learn how to walk the middle path. Also, you’re in business–time to start running it like a business–that means being responsible and doing the work-work. When you run your business like the real business it is, you have a much better chance of being successful.

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  1. I know sometimes this feels like an obvious point, but it’s an important one that needs to be made repeatedly. Money is always stressful and I doubt many photographers got into the business because they love invoices and spreadsheets. But you’re absolutely right that photography businesses have to be run like any other — like Doug says, because only when they are successful can they support the creative work that IS the reason photography is such a great business to be in. (Love the blog and thanks for the link, btw!)

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