Getting Blue in the Face

There are a gazillion sources for information about how to market your work today. I can’t possibly keep up with them all. One thing that rings true on every one of the best sites? Make your OWN work. Specialize–that is, have your own vision and make (and show) your own work.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but really, that is all you have left.

Technology? Hell, anyone can make a decent image these days. They can do it on their friggin’ iPhones. Work that would have been technically better than about half the photographers I knew back when I got into this industry can be done on an iPhone. Easily.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of a job. Nope. instead you are now fully liberated to make your art and to make it by your art.

You bet your ass.

You can’t fake it any more. You had better be making something you are completely passionate about or your targets are going to know you are a fake in no time flat.

But when you make your own work and put that out to the world, passionately and with the full confidence of “this is mine–that I do–who I am creatively” then people are drawn to it.

Yes, you still have to do the work of targeting and making calls and schlepping your book (and yes, a print book is still best) and sending promos and all that jazz, but if you start with your own work, the rest comes much more easily.

I know, you’ve heard it before. You know how I know? because I’m blue in the face saying it, but it’s true.

Go. Shoot. Make your art. Get excited about it. And get it out there.


Oh, and register it too, will ya’?